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Technidyne provides instruments that allow you to test a wide array of properties. We give you control of what you test and how you test it while enhancing your quality programs' capabilities with affordable and cost competitive resources.



Our building block system, allows mills to start small, and add other specialized devices as determined by production and budgetary needs. We bring economical, innovative, and adaptable automated testing to the paper industry.



Technidyne provides instruments for a wide array of testing applications ensuring quality and continuity in your testing programs.  Our solutions address your needs for testing surface, strength, optical properties and more. 


Today, more than ever, having process data is critical for the effective control of energy, manpower, chemical and additives costs.  It's Technidyne's goal to provide you tools to accurately assess where you are and how to gain better control over your processes. 






Manufacturing the highest-quality instrumentation for the precise measurement and control of the optical, surface and physical properties of paper and related products is simply what Technidyne does.  We have earned an international reputation for excellence in products, service, and support; and have also garnered a reputation for being the leading optical properties measurement supplier dedicated to serving the pulp and paper industry.  We are proud of our heritage, and we do whatever it takes to establish and maintain the confidence of our customers.

Since 1974, Technidyne’s mission has been to respond to the compelling need for standardization and agreement between instruments in order to meet customer and industry specifications.  That’s why Technidyne provides written certification that all instruments strictly adhere to the appropriate ISO, PAPTAC, SCAN, APPITA, DIN, ASTM Standards, and TAPPI Official Test Methods.  In some cases, Technidyne’s products are the only instruments meeting these industry standards.

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Technidyne is committed to supporting its customers. For those customers located outside of North America we have a network of trained and authorized representatives to provide you with our entire line of products as well as service and support of those products.

Technidyne has established Business Directors for each region of the world. These Business Directors manage and support the network of Authorized Representatives within their region. This ensures that our representatives are prepared to provide the quality products, service and support that our customers require. 

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