Economical, innovative adaptable solutions for testing the physical and optical properties of paper.

Technidyne's PROFILE/Plus® lets you build an automated testing system affordably one instrument at a time.

Until Technidyne created the PROFILE/Plus® automated testing systems were a huge investment for the paper mill. Although they brought greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency, the convenience came at a relatively high cost.

PROFILE/Plus® Color Touch®


PROFILE/Plus® TAPPI Brightness


PROFILE/Plus® Gloss


PROFILE/Plus® Opacity


PROFILE/Plus® Roughness


PROFILE/Plus® Porosity


PROFILE/Plus® Roughnness & Porosity


PROFILE/Plus® Tensile




PROFILE/Plus® Grammage


PROFILE/Plus® Thickness


PROFILE/Plus® Burst


PROFILE/Plus® Formation




 PROFILE/Plus® Controller


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The innovative team at Technidyne devised a building block system, whereby mills could start small, with as little as one testing instrument, and add other specialized devices as determined by their production and budgetary requirements. Technidyne's building block system brings economical, innovative, and adaptable automated testing to the paper industry.

The PROFILE/Plus® instruments are also designed with adaptive capabilities. Not only do the instruments work independently or systematically, they can also handle a wide variety of grades. As the marketplace changes, Technidyne's equipment will adapt to the new situations.

Bringing your mill the versatility needed for greater efficiency, each PROFILE/Plus® can operate as a standalone instrument or as several instruments operating as one, bringing your testing program these valuable advantages:

  • Greater manpower efficiency.

  • Consistency in testing.

  • Increased throughput.

  • Faster collection of data.

  • A variety of solutions for custom automation.