ColorTouch® PC

Count on the ColorTouch® PC when paper color decisions matter.
Quick. Exact. Versatile.

With swing-in calibration, primary calibration, ColorTouch® PC software, sample viewing, and optional equipment, the ColorTouch® PC boasts functionality that is far beyond standard color evaluation. 

  • Samples may be measured under 4 different calibrated light sources or 2 user defined sources.

  • Device is capable of sampling whiteness under different fluorescing conditions.

  • Color data may be calculated with 6 color spaces, 10 illuminants and 2 observers.

  • The Color Touch® PC software provides setup flexibility to allow customer specific data presentations.

In today’s world of strict standards and high demands, the data needed to assess whether a product meets customer specification is imperative when making decisions.  The ColorTouch® PC can be trusted to accurately gather this vital data.

Meets the following industry standards:

ISO Standards 12625-7, 12625-15, 12625-16, 2470-1, 2470-2, 5631-1, 5631-2, 5631-3

TAPPI Optical Methods T519, T525, T527, T534, T560

PAPTAC E.1, E.2, E.5, E.8

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Color Touch X®


The Color Touch X® brings together a powerful set of tools to meet the demands of the brightness, color, fluorescence and ERIC 950® markets. In addition to these traditional applications, the expanded wavelength range of the Color Touch X® provides a higher level of accuracy and capabilities.

No other instrument in the market today can match the Color Touch X® for capabilities, functionality and quality.

  • Expanded Wavelength Range - Provides improved analysis of UV region

  • New Intuitive Operator Interface - Simple and responsive

  • Data Trending - Trend data over time, grade run, shifts, etc.

  • Simultaneous Grade Tracking - Track multiple grades from different sources at the same time

  • Pass/Fail Alerts - Immediate notification of out of spec measurements

  • APP Technology - Provides the foundation for adding new features as they become available or the development of custom APPS for your specific measurement or calculation