TEST/Plus® Thickness

Test/Plus® Thickness. Standardized paper thickness testing with a cost competitive design.

The TEST/Plus® product line brings standardized testing to the market in an affordable and cost competitive design. Providing you control of what you test and how you test it, while enhancing your quality programs capabilities.

The Technidyne TEST/Plus® Thickness combines industry standardized measurement technology with an innovative control package that allows the user to tailor build their testing and evaluation capabilities. This new addition to the TEST/Plus® product line is built to meet your Thickness testing needs; TAPPI, ISO or Tissue

At the core of the TEST/Plus® Thickness are a series of specially developed APPS that allow for complete control of your data and how you interface with the instrument and your operation.


Print App for hard copy of the data

Averaging and Statistics App for statistical analysis

Export App for getting the data to the DCS

Database App for managing data on the instrument

TEST/Plus® Thickness

  • Measurements in seconds

  • Conforms to industry standards• Adaptive Interface Technology

  • Precise Platen Parallelism

  • Bulk Thickness set-up

  • Easy-To-Use Operator interface

Industry standards: TAPPI T411, TAPPI T551, TAPPI T580, ISO 534, ISO 12625-3.