Kheops Mottle

Kheops sensor testing for mottle or smoothness of paper​

The Kheops sensor is essentially a CCD camera and two specially designed light sources (a diffused light for print mottle analysis and a low angle LED lamp for surface smoothness evaluations). The housing has a small hinged door on its front side to introduce samples for testing. The camera and lighting system is automatically adjusted to maintain a stable sample illumination during the image capture measurement process. The Kheops uses a PC to automatically set the camera, analyze the images, make calculates, display the results, memorize the results and send the results to the DCS or Data Historian.

The Kheops sensor is very sensitive to mottle or smoothness changes in the paper. The repeatability of the system is exceptional and the results have been closely correlated with visual tests. The final mottling index is the result of the combination of 5 individual class size categories. These 5 class sizes can be pre­set by the operator depending on the application requirements.


  • Excellent correlation with human eye evaluation and sensitivity » Excellent linearity» Excellent repeatability» One single number index between O (ideal sample) and > 100» Index number is the result of 5 individual categories of class size Minimum class: 0.5 to 1 mm

  • Size and highlight of each class are selected by the operator in order of importance

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