How well can you adapt to the changing paper industry?

It comes down to how well you can adapt.  Adapting to the ever-changing marketplace is the key to success in the business world.  Often times the ability to adapt is limited by knowledge.  Technidyne is committed to supporting your operations by providing multiple resources of learning tools for your team.

Everyone learns a little differently so we are providing a variety of educational tools to address those needs.  In our Knowledge Portfolio you will find:

  • The Mill Matcher tool which is an excellent visual for a quick understanding of what test are relevant to each set of unit operations in the mill.

  • In the Knowledge Library are a variety of educational resources going from product calibration videos to application notes, along with other resources to support your efforts.  

Technidyne Book.jpg
  • PaperTrain is an online educational platform comprised of technical training material designed to provide the viewer an in-depth knowledge of paper properties.
  • Our Blog post is full of a variety of material, from human interest to new product announcements and technical discussions designed to be a quick reference tool
  • Our Technidyne Virtual Trade Show will give you a highlight of all the new tools Technidyne and our partners are developing.  In addition we are now building in  "Technidyne Tech-Talks" which will provide a good presentation of a measurement property and how those properties impact your processes.