TB-1 Technibrite

Legacy Instrument

The TB-1 Technibrite has been in the Technidyne product line for several decades. Originally introduced in the 1980’s, the TB-1 has been an excellent measurement tool for those pulp and paper mills needing to measure ISO Brightness.  The next generation of this instrument is the TEST/Plus ISO Brightness instrument and is ready to provide you a seamless transition to this new technology.

Date Production Ended:

Recommended Replacement Product:

Spare Parts Availability:

Eligible for Preventative Maintenance:

December - 2017

Good – Most spare are still available


We understand that your Technidyne instrument is critical to your operation. Products that have recently become Legacy products will be supported as long as possible. In general, spare parts will be available for 3 to 5 years once production of a product has ended. However, there are cases where some spare parts may be unavailable immediately. In these cases we attempt to offer an upgrade to allow for the use a spare part of an improved design.

This information is provided to assist you in planning for a transition to one of our replacement products. 

Replace with TEST/Plus®  ISO Brightness

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