17 million reasons to choose the ACA RoQ from Technidyne

A Technidyne customer contacted us recently to share their experience with the ACA RoQ product they purchased from us in May of 2018. The RoQ is a workhorse instrument capable of taking many measurements of paper roll hardness every day. The remarkable thing our customer wanted to share with us is the incredible volume of measurements their RoQ had taken over the course of three years with just routine service or calibration the entire time.

This RoQ was used for measurements of over 17 million times having measured a distance over 50 miles while still providing accurate roll hardness readings the entire time. This instrument got the workout of a lifetime and is now at Technidyne for service and preventative maintenance. It will be back on the job soon, ready to roll with its next 17 million measurements.

Roll hardness is a key parameter defining a good paper roll. You can identify problematic rolls easily with the mobile ACA RoQ hardness profiler and avoid runnability issues. Embedded touch screen, Wi-Fi and built-in barcode reader provides an instant hardness profile on the display and versatile data handling possibilities to get the data where you need it.

ACA RoQ analysis is not just a measure of roll quality, but also a great web quality tool.

Caliper variations are far too small to be picked up by online scanners or test labs. Hardness profile is an excellent indicator of paper or film material being consistent enough to be wound.

To learn more about the ACA RoQ and all the hard-working products from Technidyne, contact your Technidyne representative today.

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