2018 Technidyne Agent of the Year

2018 was a great year for Technidyne. Our success is in large part to our loyal customers and hard-working employees. However, we could never have the success we do without our partners around the globe.

In 2014, Technidyne started awarding an Agent of the Year Award. Since then we have created two awards: one for Sales and another for Service Support. Therefore, it is with great excitement to announce:

Technidyne's 2018 SERVICE SUPPORT AGENT OF THE YEAR winner is CLC in Thailand.

Mr. Ankrin Kaewpralom of CLC and his team have provided exemplary service, calibration standards, and kept their account in good standing. They have also supported Technidyne in territories outside their exclusive area which has been extremely helpful to us and our customers. In particular, their work with SCG (Vina Kraft) Vietnam in all facets of installation and support of a PROFILE/Plus™ system and other stand alone equipment is what Technidyne seeks in a service partnership.

Technidyne's 2018 SALES AGENT OF THE YEAR winner is Matsubo in Japan.

Matsubo team that supports Technidyne (L-R): Ms. Eri Harakawa, Mr. Hideyuki Tanaka, Mr. Katsuhiko Yokoyama, Ms. Ai Amihara

Mr. Katsuhiko Yokoyama of Matsubo and his team have sold equipment, provided service and calibration standards, and kept their account in good standing. In particular, their work with Oji Paper related to calibration standards and the Color Touch X™, are what Technidyne seeks in a sales partnership.

These awards are given annually (and include a monetary prize) to recognize both CLC and Matsubo’s dedication to their customers as well as Technidyne products and services. Each Technidyne agent is evaluated equally against the following criteria:

  • Account in good standing

  • Overall sales revenue

  • Overall service revenue

  • Overall calibration standard revenue

  • Ability and willingness to assist other agents/representatives, when possible

  • Commitment to marketing Technidyne products including calibration standards

  • Commitment to training

  • Ability to independently support customers effectively

Congratulations to Ankrin’s team at CLC and Katsuhiko’s team at Matsubo and good luck to all Technidyne's Agents as they move forward in 2019.

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