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45 Years of Knowledge

We’ve been celebrating 45 years of knowledge and success in our field. In celebration of our 45th anniversary, we’re proud to announce the completion of Measurement and Control of the Optical Properties of Paper, a 152-page hardback textbook.

A Mission to Educate

This book offers a vast wealth of knowledge and education for subjects within the paper industry. These topics include color, brightness, whiteness, fluorescence, opacity, gloss, and residual ink. This unparalleled resource will serve as an invaluable reference guide for those within the optical properties reference guide.

This book will aid a new generation of paper lab technicians and engineers looking to enrich their knowledge and understanding of their field and develop in their professions as optical properties experts. We’ll also be distributing this comprehensive resource throughout the paper industry as a textbook for engineering students throughout colleges and universities.

A Commitment to Success

At Technidyne, we’re committed to sharing the knowledge we’ve gained through 45 years of experience. Do you have questions or comments? Contact us today.

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