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45 Years of Learning at your Fingertips:

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

The Technidyne PaperTrain eLearning Library

2019 marks the 45th Anniversary of Technidyne! We’re happy to be celebrating 45 years at the forefront of our industry. During this time, we’ve done more than earn an international reputation for excellence in products, service, and support. We’ve amassed an incredible amount of industry knowledge as well. Are you looking to advance your or your team’s knowledge and understanding of the paper industry? Our PaperTrain Tutorial Library is a great option.

What is PaperTrain?

PaperTrain is a library of eLearning materials for the pulp and paper industry. Our team of industry experts has designed a wide range of eLearning videos on how to best use industry equipment, calibrate to industry standards, and much more. The library also contains a new series of technical seminar tutorials. These eLearning videos are the result of 45 years of innovative research and pioneering within the paper industry. Each video is led by Technidyne’s team of industry experts, each possessing decades of industry experience.

Some of our subject matter includes:

  • Brightness tutorials

  • Opacity tutorials

  • Gloss tutorials

  • Fluorescence tutorials

  • Roughness tutorials

  • Porosity tutorials

  • Color tutorials (coming soon)

No matter how simple or complex the topic, these 10-20 minute tutorials make it easy to educate you and your team on a wide range of subjects within the paper industry. These eLearning tutorials are designed to grow the knowledge base of your operators, testers, and management team, improving your operation and unlocking new potentials for your team—and, the PaperTrain Tutorial Library is always growing.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to access the PaperTrain eLearning Library, and be sure to check out some of our other free content while you’re there. At Technidyne, we’re committed to the support of our customers across all areas. When quality matters, Technidyne is there. Questions or comments? Contact Technidyne today.

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