A Quick Look at the New ColorTouch® X 45

No other instrument in the market today can match the ColorTouch® X 45 for capabilities, functionality and quality.

  • Improved stability, especially on OBA containing grades

  • Longer lamp life, meaning fewer lamp changes and lower operational cost

  • Touchscreen operator interface providing simple testing sequences

  • Quicker testing time, getting data to production sooner

  • Full spectral data (360-780nm) for detailed analysis

  • Enhanced result screens provide statistical data, trending and other functions

  • Capable of measuring the sample under multiple UV levels including UVex, QTH, C &D65

  • Data export can be directly to the mill network, uploaded to a USB drive or printed


  • Expanded Wavelength Range - Provides improved analysis of UV region

  • New Intuitive Operator Interface - Simple and responsive

  • Data Trending - Trend data over time, grade run, shifts, etc.

  • Simultaneous Grade Tracking - Track multiple grades from different sources at the same time

  • Pass/Fail Alerts - Immediate notification of out of tolerance measurements

  • APP Technology - Provides the foundation for adding new features as they become available or the development of custom APPS for your specific measurement or calculation

Touchscreen Operation

  • Load sample, initiate the test and the ColorTouch® X 45 does the rest

  • Preprogrammed test routine to allow for easy set-up and testing

  • Does not require an external PC

  • Automatic Calibration

Advanced Data Analysis

  • Trending data allows for tracking grades over several samples

  • Compare multiple samples on various color plots

  • Establish optical tolerances on grades for PASS/FAIL analysis

Spectral Data Capabilities

  • Spectrophotometric data for comprehensive understanding of dyes, fillers, OBA’s and other colorants

  • Greater accuracy of colorimetric data

  • Thorough analysis of metameric color matches

The ColorTouch® X 45 meets industry standards including:

TAPPI T452, T527, T524, T646, T560

Use our global directory to contact your Technidyne territory team member and learn more about this breakthrough instrument.

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