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Are you ready?

The other day I came across a map from 2008 of pulp and paper mills in the USA. I quickly took it over to the current (2017) map I had. Not that I didn’t expect to see what I observed, but the picture did paint 1000 words or maybe just 2; Change Happened.

While there have been any number of mill/corporate name changes, the most significant piece were all the mills that were gone. I won’t list them here, but if you have been in this industry for any length of time you know who they are. With that bit grinding in my head, I gave more thought to change I could quantify in the world I work in. One easy thing was to look at how our surviving customers have changed and most have. Where once a newsprint machine stood, now a tissue line is operating. Over there a copy grade machine has been shuttered and now a linerboard machine operates. Down south another customer who used to recycle is now making white top board. Everywhere I look I see change. I also see mills striving to make the most of their investments across their operations, including the Quality Control labs and programs. Sometimes accommodating or embracing change is easy, other times you may be stuck with decisions made 10 years ago.

One of the things Technidyne has focused on over the past 20 years of product development is to provide our customers Quality Control and process tools that can adapt to their ever changing world. During this 20 year window we have installed over 1,000 PROFILE/Plus instruments and automated test systems around the world. Some systems as large as 25 measurements and others as small as 2, no matter the size, change has happened. A quick review of our records and we find that around 70% of those PROFILE/Plus systems that have been installed, have changed. Whether they were reconfigured, split apart, downsized, upsized, optimized, the PROFILE/Plus has proven to our customers that it can adapt as needed to meet the mills current and/or future needs. No other automated system on the market today can compare to the flexibility of the PROFILE/Plus.

Has your mill changed in the past 10 years; if so, your testing needs have changed as well. As you look at options for updating your laboratory for your latest change, give us a call and let us work to build you an adaptive testing program that won’t lock you in to a big inflexible box of tests. See your future,

Change will happen, are you ready?

Tom Crawford

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