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Change that won't cost you

Did you know that every PROFILE/Plus instrument is a standalone benchtop lab instrument, even those in the middle of an automated test system.

As things have changed so much over the past 10 years, our customers have had to adapt to those changes. Our PROFILE/Plus customers have found that making some of these changes were quite simple. For example, for the past 7 years we have a mill location that had an 8 instrument PROFILE/Plus system running in their primary testing lab. One of those instruments was the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch which measures ISO Brightness, Color, Fluorescence and Opacity, a rather comprehensive instrument. Like many of you the mill went through a transition of grades and these new grades did not require a CD profile set of data from the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch, but they still needed periodic testing for these properties. Simple enough, the customer was able to remove the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch from the system, moving it to another bench, reconfigure their profiles and they were back up and running in less than an hour.

Now the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch is working well as a standalone instrument performing its single test as needed, providing the mill the brightness and color data when it needs it. The PROFILE/Plus system, running without the PROFILE/Plus ColorTouch, now runs quicker and sample through-put has improved as there is one less instrument in the system, resulting in data to the production floor quicker. Good data to the floor quicker, that’s always a good thing. How much did it cost the mill to adapt their testing program? Good question, not a penny. The adaptable design of the PROFILE/Plus is intentional, putting you in charge of your testing program.

Each PROFILE/Plus instrument can work well alone or it can excel in a group, either way it is ready to meet your testing needs. Change will happen, the question is, are you ready?

When quality matters, Technidyne is there. Tom Crawford

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