Christmas, Legacy and Oven Mitts

Recently, Technidyne hosted a Christmas lunch for local employees. It was a great time to review the successes and challenges of 2020 and to look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2021.

Even with all of the restrictions and challenges of 2020, the Technidyne team continued to move forward on our strategic initiatives. The result is 3 new products being released to the market and additional employees to strengthen our R&D for new products and more service support personnel to be responsive to the needs of our customers. The new products (which will officially be released in 2021) are:

  • Color Touch X 45 (next generation replacement for the Micro S-5)

  • Tissue Absorption Tester (ISO 12625-8)

  • PROFILE/Plus Controller (improved flexibility and easier communications for PROFILE/Plus automated testing customers)

The new personnel added:

  • March 2020 - Steve (R&D) and Jacob (Lab)

  • August 2020 - Ian (R&D) and Ryan (Service)

In addition to these items there was time to recognize many of the milestone employee anniversaries in 2020. Their work and legacy shows throughout Technidyne. The professionalism they bring is appreciated. Also, they have represented the company so well around the world.

(L-R) James, Tom, Paul P., Tim and Diana

5 Years - Jim H. & Jason S.

15 Years - Diana B.

20 Years - James B. & Tim B.

30 Years - Tom C. & Paul P.

35 Years - Paul C.

Finally, there was some time for a game. We split into small groups and had to open presents (wrapped with many, many layers of wrapping paper) wearing oven mitts. There were some ground rules laid out so no one used their teeth or feet. The person who go to the prize inside was the winner.

As usual, time spent with the team at Technidyne is enjoyable and memorable. We are looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead in 2021!

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