Customer: Technidyne's Preventative Maintenance Always Adds Value

I was recently visiting a Technidyne customer to discuss the implementation of some new equipment they purchased. In the course of the conversation, I asked why they had moved from semi-annual preventative maintenance to quarterly. The customer pointed out that they are running a lean staff. They don't have as much time to devote to ensuring the equipment is working at its highest level. They pointed to some other equipment across the lab and said they had received the equipment from another supplier over a year ago and it still was not working correctly. However, in our case, they ordered Technidyne equipment, and it was delivered on time and installation was scheduled within a few weeks of the delivery. Simply stated, the R&D Lab Manager said, "we don't get value when we have certain vendors come to do installation or preventative maintenance, but we do get value with Technidyne." She went on to say, "It was easy to justify increasing the frequency of preventative maintenance for very little additional cost with your equipment because we know you will make sure the equipment is calibrated and aging component failures are anticipated. There is little to no down-time. Also, when we have questions, we get answers quickly."

Preventative Maintenance is an insurance policy against poorly calibrated equipment, rejects and downtime. Any of these easily exceeds the cost of a few visits a year.

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