Does your technology match up with your needs?

If you have ever walked through even the newest of production facilities, you can find someone trying to do something with technology that isn’t a fit. Think about it, the cellphone today is not just a phone it is like the most awesome multi-tool you could ever envision. It is a phone, email, internet, calendar, camera, social media, credit card, baby sitter……but it started as just a phone. I remember my first “bag phone” 3 of us shared it and whoever was going to be on the longest trip got to take it. I don’t know why, as we never used it, it was too expensive to use. Today things have changed, now I can’t leave home without my phone. It is attached to me all day and night. I have evolved right with my phone.

At Technidyne evolving is critical. As technology advances the opportunity for change and improvement continues. It's our job to decide when to advance and when to wait. What’s important is that we provide you with the tools needed. You don't want to be the couple in the picture above. Old technology isn't going to produce a selfie. We want to equip you with the tools you'll need for the future. Completely prepared, like the picture of the couple going camping and taking that selfie with the right tool.

Over the past 3 years we have introduced many new tools to the market. They aren’t new in their measurement standardization, rather in their operator interface and how you configure your instrument to be meet your needs. If there is one thing that stands out today, it is our desire to set things up the way we want them. We don’t like cookie cutter approaches. Everyone has unique needs, so we design with that in mind.

Starting with PROFILE/Plus and continuing with the new ColorTouch X and TEST/Plus product line, Technidyne has been busy innovating, developing and producing standardized instrumentation that puts you in charge of configurations and keeping you up with the best technology. With the PROFILE/Plus you configure your automated test system as you want and then you are ready to adapt to ever changing mill needs. The ColorTouch X builds on the platform of standardization with the most innovative software interface package on the market. Next the TEST/Plus provides you the flexibility to build your operator interface software as you want it, to meet your specific needs. Don’t let your technology limit your capabilities, contact Technidyne today to see how we can move you forward. Change will happen, the question is, are you ready for it?

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