Encouraging the Next Generation

Diana Borders (far left), Engineering Manager, hosts Providence HS students for Manufacturing Day

Recently, Technidyne Corporation hosted a group of 24 High School students to give them an idea of what a career in Manufacturing or STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) may look like.

Providence High School students in the Intro to Engineering class are learning elements

of STEM in various ways, from guest speakers and field trips, to hands-on projects. Likewise, students in Advanced Placement (AP) Physics attended. The day at Technidyne involved a tour of the facilities by Providence alum and Technidyne CEO & President, Todd Popson ('88), and then five small group sessions on: 1) the design process, 2) machined parts prototype examples and stages, 3) software & electronic hardware prototype examples and stages, 4) how CAD is used in the prototype and design process, and 5) a brain teaser using nails and another with a spoon, fork, toothpick and a cup.

"It was really cool to see the workers building the products and to learn more about the designing and planning aspects of engineering, such as drawing out and building prototypes of products", said Emily Dodd.

Senior Andrew Henderson said, "I learned it is possible to have a large reach across the world even for a relatively small company like Technidyne".

Finally, Luke Rodski stated, "All in all, the time spent at Technidyne only enhanced my desire to pursue the engineering career."

The day also included a tour of SAMTEC, an international company that develops, manufactures and sells electrical connectors.

Todd's daughter, Maria, a Senior at Providence was part of the tour of the company. Technidyne was founded in 1974 by Todd's father, Jerry. The company recently celebrated its 45th Anniversary in business. Technidyne Corporation continues to be owned and operated by the Popson family.


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