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FPAutoSpeck™ Testing at Technidyne is keeping it clean with the 5-Gallon Challenge

Recycled fiber is becoming more and more important component in the paper industry, and as a result, there are steeper consumer and regulatory requirements for higher recycled content. Global demand for secondary fiber sources continues to increase, and there is now more pressure to use secondary fiber that had previously been deemed unusable.

With each step taken towards utilizing recycled sources both the deinking facility

and paper machines are dealing with a higher potential for contaminants

to foul the operation and final product. But don’t worry, Technidyne is here to help with the 5 Gallon Challenge.

Technidyne’s FPAutoSpeck™ is available to our customers for evaluating your processes and detecting the presence of those contaminants. It marries proven image analysis software with innovative sample classification and presentation techniques to bring a powerful tool to market for macrocontaminant analysis. All you have to do is send us a couple of 5-gallon buckets of material for testing and we’ll handle the rest.

At Technidyne we have set-up an FPAutoSpeck™ and are currently running samples from several mills that are experiencing contaminant issues. If you’d like to put the FPAutoSpeckTM to work for you to see how it could help you clean up your operations, we’d be glad to test a bucket or two. We have the 5-gallon challenge going on right now, where interested customers are sending us in samples for analysis. Give us a call and let’s talk about what you are dealing with and we will work with you to organize a time for you to send in a couple of 5-gallon buckets. We’ll do the work and let you know what we find. It’s simple, all we need is for you to get us some samples and the FPAutoSpeckTM will do the rest. The first 10 requests we receive will be tested FREE OF Charge!

The FPAutoSpeck™ provides better tools for analyzing your processes to determine if: • the cleaners are working at maximum efficiency • contaminants are being removed from the process • there are any potentials for deposit build-ups in the paper machine • the paper machine is going to get hit with a “contaminant storm” • the printer is going to see any runnability issues due to contaminants

The FPAutoSpeck™ captures the contaminant data critical for good process control and provides it to operations in a format that allows for quick analysis and proper decisions. If you find your operations are challenged by out-of-control contaminants, then the FPAutoSpeck™ can give you the tools to absolutely manage your process.

Contact Technidyne today to learn more about The FPAutoSpeck™ Technidyne testing options, and all that we can do to help you optimize your paper testing process. Click here and leave us a little information for us to contact you to participate in the 5 Gallon Bucket Challenge.

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