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Get on the PaperTrain

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Technidyne is proud to offer PaperTrain, a library of eLearning materials for the pulp and paper industry. Our team of experts offers eLearning videos on how to use industry equipment, calibrate to industry standards, and much more. These tutorials are the result of decades of dedicated research and commitment to the paper industry. Our PaperTrain Tutorial Library is a great resource for anyone looking to advance their understanding of the paper industry.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential

From highly complex topics to the more simple ones, these 10-20 minute tutorials cover a wide range of subjects within the paper industry and are perfect for educating you and your team. These tutorials are designed to expand the knowledge base of your operators, testers, and management team, and the PaperTrain Tutorial Library is always growing.

Click here to learn more about the PaperTrain Library, and be sure to check out our other free content while you’re there.

A Commitment to Success

Since 1974, our mission at Technidyne has been to create state-of-the-art products while delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients in the pulp and paper industry. We look forward to continuing success at the forefront of our industry and helping clients unlock the full potential of their operations.

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