Innovation Through the Portfolio Feature in Technidyne Products

Brings Standardization to Your Testing Program

Have you ever purchased more than one instrument at your location and wanted them set up exactly the same?

Do you have more than one of the same instrument at different locations around the world and want them set up exactly the same?

Do you want to share the Presentations (even custom ones) or Stored Standards between instruments?

The Technidyne Portfolio feature can do all of these things.

The Portfolio is utilized to mirror settings between one Technidyne instrument and another Technidyne instrument of the same model. This powerful feature is now available on:

  • Color Touch® X ISO

  • Color Touch® X 45

  • PROFILE/Plus® Controller

The following items that can be saved by the Portfolio feature to configure other instruments or to store as a backup:

  • Home Screen configuration

  • Presentations in the same order on the page (including hidden Presentations behind the Select tab)

  • All data within Presentations (including custom Presentations), like: name of Presentation, number of readings, averaging, printer/communication settings, UV Level (UV-EX, C, D65 or QTH on Color Touch® X 45 units), color space (L a b, L*a*b*, L*C*h, Rx Ry Rz), parameters (brightness, fluorescence, opacity, whiteness, ERIC 950®), Illuminant/Observer, etc.

  • Stored Standards

  • PROFILE/Plus® Automeasures and testing sequences

We know our customers have standardized on many Technidyne products over the years. We also recognize that our customers have multiple locations, sometimes around the globe. The Portfolio feature allows our customers to ensure consistency in their approach to testing and data collection. Many of our corporate customers have taken advantage of this feature for years, and it gives them confidence that no matter where in the world and instrument is being used, it is set up properly.

The Portfolio feature is a standard part

of the software on the Color Touch® X ISO, Color Touch® X 45, and PROFILE/Plus® Controller.

Please contact Technidyne or our exclusive agent to assist or answer questions.

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