Popson Tabbed for TAPPI Position

Todd Popson, CEO & President, of Technidyne Corporation has been reappointed to

serve on the 2018 TAPPI Quality and Standards Management Committee (QSMC). Popson has been a member of the committee since 2012.

The QSMC supervises the program for Standards, TIPs (Technical Information Papers), and Useful Methods, establishes and maintains the guidelines for the development and review of these documents. The QSMC is also responsible for ensuring that TAPPI maintains its ANSI accreditation. It is a free-standing committee and brings major policy proposal changes to the TAPPI President and CEO.

As a 26-year member of TAPPI, Popson was recognized as a TAPPI Fellow in 2015. He also serves TAPPI as the Chairman of the Optical Properties Committee and serves in the role as past-Chairman of the Process & Product Quality Division, and is a member of the TAPPI PaperCon Steering Committee.

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