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Technidyne Core Values

For 45 years, Technidyne has celebrated success within our industry. During this span, we’ve developed an international reputation for excellence. We’ve forged this success through our unyielding commitment to quality and innovation. Our products, services, and support have earned us a place at the forefront of our industry.

It takes more than business savvy and a little luck to get this far. Our core values have laid the foundation for 45 years of success, and we’ll continue to lean on them throughout the future of our company.


There’s a reason quality comes first. It’s the foundation of everything we do—our products, our services, our support—it’s in our DNA. When we begin with quality, our customer ends up with satisfaction.


Everything we do is done to meet a standard. Whether it’s in the products we manufacture or the services and support we provide, we must meet that standard. TAPPI, ISO, and Customer Satisfaction are all standards that set the bar high and drive us to be the best we can be.


Meeting the standard is at our core, but doing it with innovation sets us apart from our competition. Our goal is to move you forward with our innovative solutions that set you apart from your competition.


Our goal is that when you have a question, a need, or a resolution, the first name you think of is Technidyne. We are here to listen, provide solutions for your needs, and keep you up and running.

These core values lay at the center of everything we do. For 45 years, Technidyne’s mission has been to improve the standardization and agreement between instruments in order to provide customer satisfaction and meet industry specifications. Technidyne’s pioneering spirit and commitment to quality, standardization, innovation, and partnership has led us to become a leading force in our field.

Over 45 years of chasing our mission, we’ve also amassed plenty of knowledge. In 2019, Technidyne launched the PaperTrain eLearning platform. This platform features a number of resources designed to educate users on industry topics. Interested in learning more? Click here to sign up today.

At Technidyne, we’re committed to using our core values to accomplish our mission and build partnerships with all of our clients. When quality matters, Technidyne is there.

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