Technidyne Investing in STEM for the Future

In September, Technidyne Corporation hosted a group of 16 High School students to give them an idea of what a career in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) may look like.

Engineering Technician, David, explains the evolution of several packaging designs

Providence High School students in the new Intro to Engineering class are learning elements of STEM in various ways, from guest speakers and field trips, to hands-on projects. The students also are busy designing two fixtures for an Advanced College Placement (ACP) Physics lab. The students are learning the engineering process, including developing a concept into a design using CAD to building a prototype and then a finished product. The day at Technidyne involved a tour of the facilities by Providence alum and Technidyne CEO & President, Todd Popson ('88), and then four small group sessions on: 1) the design process, 2) machined parts prototype examples and stages, 3) software & electronic hardware prototype examples and stages, and 4) how CAD is used in the prototype and design process.

Paul shows some of the powerful features of CAD in prototype and design

Senior Ellie Mayberry said she enjoyed the field trip because it allowed her to see a real-life application of the prototype process. "It was very beneficial to our class by allowing us to see how many different jobs and skills are required for a company to be successful," she said. "We got to see prototypes for their color touch machine, which allowed us to see how the prototyping process works in large companies."

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