Technidyne is Ready in Your Time of Need

Although there may be some restrictions, Technidyne is still operating in this period of concern about COVID-19. We understand that many customers are limiting visitors or creating new protocols for visitors. However, our folks are ready when needed. They are able to travel and provide documentation or be screened according to new procedures to ensure safety when entering facilities.

Some customers are choosing to delay scheduled Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits. We are trying to accommodate these requests, but we know when things open up we will be swamped trying to do our regularly scheduled visits as well as making up missed maintenance visits. We will do our best.

Jason preparing for PM this week

In the meantime, if you cannot have visitors for preventative maintenance, it may be necessary to at least order updated calibration standards to ensure your instruments are performing as well as they can without routine maintenance. Customers often rely on the PM visits not just to do scheduled maintenance, but to ensure proper calibration. If we cannot come onsite, don't be afraid to order updated standards or get reference standards re-evaluated.

All aspects of our business are still in operation. Our Engineering staff is primarily working from home. However, everyone else is operating as usual while maintaining extra safety protocols. We continue to make progress on a few new products that we are excited to introduce in 2020. We will keep you posted.

Let us know how we can help you stay safe and keep making paper!

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