Technidyne is your partner for a better future

In today’s challenging marketplace many of our customers are finding it difficult to continue with the high level of knowledge and expertise of their workforce. Turnover, retirements, and corporate downsizings have created a matrix of challenges for mills to navigate. One such situation occurred 2 years ago.

A long-term customer of ours was dealing with the culmination of retirements and turnover issues. More employees were leaving each month taking their knowledge and skills with them. The experience gained by these employees over the years was not being replaced. In a moment of deep concern, the mill reached out to Technidyne and asked us to step in and offer a comprehensive plan to take care of their testing lab. In this mill we were already making quarterly PM visits, but for the effort being requested our time there would need to be ramped up considerably. After a few weeks of meetings, and some internal training and discussion about the minimal and maximum support we could offer, Technidyne and the mill created a plan to keep things moving forward. We even discovered some ways to save money. What started as an internal manpower and resource shortage issue has turned in to a program that has proven to provide:

  • Cost savings through improved paper machine performance

  • Improved quality lab testing performance

  • Validation of the laboratory data

  • Greater accuracy of online data trending

Today we are scheduled to be in the mill one week each month. During that time, we calibrate instrumentation, provide operational training, technical support, update and support any instrument issue (whether a Technidyne product or a product from another manufacturer). We regularly meet with the production and quality team to review performance and operational goals, review calibration reports, make adjustments in operational controls and fine tune the quality data with production.

We often find our best opportunities in the most difficult times. There is no reason to wait for that to occur. At Technidyne our goal is not to sell you an instrument, rather it is to support you with knowledge, skills, and the right tools to get the job done. Call us today and let us work with you to improve your quality program today.

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