Technidyne Operates at a High Level

Many companies rate the performance of their vendors on a regular basis. We received a report from one of our customers this week. Technidyne received 74% "Meets" and 26% "Exceeds" rating. The company was rated in seven different categories: Safety, Quality Management, Personnel, Asset Management, Service and Price.

In the area of Personnel, Technidyne received 66.7% "Exceeds" ratings. This is a testament to our employees, especially those in the field. One comment was, "Can contact anytime during the year with issues and [service personnel] will spend as much time as necessary to help work through problems with equipment."

Thank you to our customers for continuing to trust Technidyne. We appreciate the opportunity to be a true partner to all of our customers around the world. This means helping them meet their financial, quality, safety and service goals.

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