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Technidyne PaperTrain eLearning platform for the pulp and paper industry

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Technidyne now offers eLearning videos explaining how to use industry equipment, calibrate to industry standards and our new technical seminar tutorial series, and much more! Each video is led by Technidyne’s team of subject matter experts, each possessing decades of industry experience.

Subject matter includes information about understanding the value and importance of calibration in the paper making process.

Check out the demo below to see what type of content a subscription will give you access to. Use the link below to sign up for our yearly membership to have access to our complete library of demos and tutorials. PaperTrain a number of valuable tutorial videos including:

  • 5 Brightness tutorials

  • 4 Opacity tutorials

  • 3 Gloss tutorials

  • 4 Fluorescence tutorials

  • 7 Roughness tutorials

  • 8 Porosity tutorials

  • Color tutorials are coming soon

Technidyne has developed the PaperTrain eLearning experience to include demonstrations and explanations of simple and complex topics, designed to help you gain the insights you need to excel at your work. These tutorials are designed to build the knowledge base of your operators, testers and management team.

Click here to learn more about PaperTrain and subscribe today to get access to valuable training that will build your workforce through insights and knowledge gained from Technidyne’s decades of commitment to the pulp and paper industry.

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