Technidyne provides TechTalk filling the knowledge gap in challenging times

So many educational opportunities are being missed in the paper industry due to the cancelation of major industry conferences in 2020 and 2021. But mills are still running fast and it’s more important than ever to avoid waste and to increase efficiency in the paper making process.

Technidyne is working to fill the gap between the need for quality paper making processes and the most up-to-date industry knowledge. Technidyne is introducing TechTalks, a series of online educational seminars providing first-hand expert knowledge about quality and process control in the pulp and paper industry. Our first TechTalk has been released and can be viewed at our virtual trade show booth found at This first trade show breakout seminar is about Fiber Morphology. Be sure to come back for more as we will be releasing additional seminars over time.

At Technidyne we know these are challenging times, but that’s nothing new for us. We are well known as problem solvers throughout the pulp and paper industry. Overcoming challenges is what we do, and TechTalks and our Virtual Trade Show Booth are just our latest efforts to continue to provide knowledge and support when it’s needed most. Join us today for TechTalks at

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