Technidyne's Anniversary is a Testament to Longevity

In August, Technidyne celebrated 46 years of serving customers in the Pulp and Paper Industry around the world. One of the things that really stands out is not just the history of the company, but the longevity of the Technidyne employees.

Excluding the team members that have been with the company less than one year, the average tenure is 18 years. This consistency and dedication has provided Technidyne customers with confidence in what they receive from everyone in the company:

Longevity and lack of change can also breed contentment. That is why Technidyne has invested in 8 new members of the team in the last year. New people. New energy. New ideas! During the interview process, they were all impressed with the tenure of Technidyne employees and what that says about the company.

Jim won the anniversary trivia contest

At a lunch-time celebration of Technidyne's anniversary last week, Jim (Engineering

Dept.) correctly guessed the number of collective months of employment of Technidyne employees 7,611 months (over 634 years). Employee's names were randomly drawn, and they were given a chance to guess the correct answer. Jim walked away with $100 of Amazon gift cards. Everyone enjoyed fresh tacos, burritos and nachos from Fistful of Tacos. The truck parked outside Technidyne's New Albany, IN headquarters.

Rocky & Tim contemplate their order at the taco truck

Unfortunately, because of current restrictions, Technidyne was not able to have all the field personnel or retired employees return for a celebration, but there were several opportunities to reflect on the history of the company and thank all of those (employees, customers, vendors, partners and international agents) who have contributed to the company's success over the years.


Technidyne's goals will be based on continual growth. We will be the first choice of customers based on customer service, knowledge, range of solutions and our reputation.

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