Technidyne's Popson Leads US Delegation at ISO Meetings

CEO & President of Technidyne Corporation, Todd Popson, led the United States delegation in the ISO TC 6/SC 2 (Test methods and quality specifications for paper and board) meetings held virtually May 25 & 26, 2021. The meetings for ISO TC 6 (Paper, board and pulps) will be held next week, virtually, June 1 &2, 2021. Popson has been the Chairman of the U.S. TAG (Technical Advisory Group) for ISO TC 6 since 2015, and an Expert within the U.S. TAG since 2002. Joining Popson from the U.S. are Dave Loebker, PhD (Proctor & Gamble), Ben Frank, PhD (Packaging Corp. of America), Jeff Lundeen, PhD (retired-Georgia-Pacific), Mary Kombolias, (NIST), Colleen Walker, PhD (Univ. of Maine), and Nick Riggs (Technidyne).

ISO TC6 / SC2 Virtual Meetings Attended by 50 Delegates

The U.S. TAG is a group of over 30 Experts which are nominated and approved by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). ANSI is the official U.S. Member Body to ISO (International Standards Organization). Experts within the U.S. TAG generate positions on the work items, drafts and technical reports brought up within ISO TC 6. The scope of ISO TC 6 is, " Standardization in the field of paper, board and pulps and cellulosic nanomaterials (CNM), including terminology, sampling procedures, test methods, product and quality specifications, and the establishment and maintenance of appropriate calibration systems."

US Delegation at ISO TC 6 in 2019, Melbourne (L to R): Todd Popson, Jeff Lundeen, Nick Riggs and Dave Loebker

ISO TC 6 has 195 published ISO standards and 26 ISO standards currently in development. 29 countries are actively represented within TC6.

The structure of ISO TC 6:

· TG 1 Cellulosic Nanomaterials

· TG 2 Identification of Organizations - Environmental issues

· WG 3 Optical properties

· WG 4 Chemical analysis

· WG 7 Cores for reels of paper

· WG 11 Estimation of uncertainty

· WG 13 Dry matter content

· WG 14 Recycling

· WG 15 Pulp methods

· WG 16 Lignin analyses

· WG 17 Kraft liquor analyses

TC 6 /SC 2:

· WG 25 Surface roughness

· WG 26 Microbiological test methods

· WG 27 Tissue test methods

· WG 39 Printability testing (joint with TC 130)

· WG 41 Contact angle

· WG 45 Corrugated fibreboard test methods

· WG 46 Standard atmosphere

· WG 47 Water absorptiveness of paper and board

To join the US TAG (Technical Advisory Group) to ISO TC 6 or find out more about ISO, please contact Todd Popson .

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