Technidyne Stops to Give Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches in the United States. Here at Technidyne we stopped to thank all those that allow us to be successful, to celebrate our team, and to pray in thanksgiving.

Technidyne has a lot of people around the world to thank:

+ Thanks to all of our customers who have the faith in us to provide them with quality products and responsive service

+ Thanks to all of our vendors who work with us to develop reasonably priced products that meet the quality demands of our customers

+ Thanks to all or our sales and service agents around the world that continue to spread the message and continually exhibit the passion we have for meeting our customers' needs

+ Thanks to our partners [ACA Systems (Finland), Techpap (France) and Emtec Electronics (Germany)] that entrust us with the responsibility of delivering their unique products and untiring customer service to their customers in North America

+ Thanks to our employees who work so well as a team and constantly show their passion for customer satisfaction

+ Thanks to the families of our employees for being supportive and understanding of the goals and time commitment required to be the best in the world

+ Thanks to our management team that plans and implements the strategic vision of Technidyne

+ Thanks to our predecessors at Technidyne (mainly, founder Jerry Popson) for laying the foundation of quality, standardization, innovation and partnership

Tim (x2), Jacob and Tony were the big BINGO winners!

To celebrate our team in New Albany, Indiana, we had a Thanksgiving lunch. The lunch was followed four tense rounds of BINGO. The winners won prizes..., and the others were a little jealous.

We have a lot to be thankful for and want to remind all of these people who play such a crucial role that Technidyne THANKS YOU!

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