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TestPlusTM ISO and TAPPI Brightness Outshine Expectations

Technidyne had high hopes at the beginning of 2018 with the introduction of ISO Brightness and TAPPI Brightness testing integrated into the TEST/Plus™ system. We’ve been pleased to see that these brightness offerings have outshined even our expectations for customer interest and new sales.

Todd Popson, President and CEO at Technidyne shared, “We saw an opportunity to bring more value to the marketplace adding ISO and TAPPI testing to TEST/Plus™ instruments. We believed customers would show real interest, and they sure did. It has been very rewarding to see the overwhelmingly positive response that actually occurred in the first year of these product offerings.”

Both the Technidyne TEST/Plus™ ISO Brightness and the Technidyne TEST/Plus™ TAPPI Brightness instruments combine industry standardized measurement technology with an innovative control package that allows the user to tailor build their testing and evaluation capabilities. This new addition to the TEST/Plus™ product line is built to meet all of your ISO and TAPPI Brightness testing needs.

At the core of these two great new brightness testing instruments is a series of specially developed applications that allow for complete control of your data and how you interface with the instrument and your operation.

Apps supporting each include:

Print App for hard copy of the data

Averaging and Statistics App for statistical analysis

Export App for getting the data to the DCS

Database App for managing data on the instrument

TEST/Plus™ ISO Brightness conforms to ISO Standards 2469 and 2470-1 and TEST/Plus™ TAPPI Brightness conforms to TAPPI official test method T452. Both provide measurement in seconds, an adaptive interface, an option for fluorescence measurement and an easy to use operator interface.

Contact Technidyne today to learn more about TEST/Plus™, it’s ISO and TAPPI capabilities, and all that we can do to help you optimize your paper testing process please contact us using our Global Directory.

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