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The adaptability of the PROFILE/Plus means efficiency in paper testing labs

You may already be aware that Technidyne's PROFILE/Plus lets you build an automated testing system affordably one instrument at a time. Before we created PROFILE/Plus automated testing systems were a huge investment for paper mills.

PROFILE/Plus was created as a building block system. Mills can start small, with as little as one testing instrument, and add other specialized devices as determined by their production and budgetary requirements.

As we have brought the PROFILE/Plus on-line in paper testing labs throughout the paper industry, we’ve discovered another dimension in flexibility that it brings to mills. More than 70% of PROFILE/Plus systems have been re-configured to meet the specific needs of our customers. Every facility is different and every paper mill has differing testing requirements that help them to optimize their workflow and to run as efficiently as possible.

These reconfigurations can take many forms. PROFILE/Plus systems have been:

  • broken into small systems to accommodate new machines or coaters,

  • had modules added to meet the needs of a new grade,

  • been moved to different areas on the mill to be closer to a coater or winder

All of these changes were made without knocking down walls, building/tearing down cabinetry or hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional investment. A paper mill may purchase an instrument for a particular testing purpose today, and then reconfigure to accommodate additional testing properties for tomorrow. Flexibility is the key to the PROFILE/Plus system with the ability to add functionality as needed, and to add test properties over time as budgets will allow.

The adaptive capabilities of the PROFILE/Plus system can be reconfigured easily with instruments working independently or systematically. It can also handle a wide variety of grades. As the paper industry changes, it can adapt to new situations and new paper lab testing requirements.

Optimization and efficiency are more important than ever in the pulp and paper industry and Technidyne is constantly working to bring instruments to paper testing labs that deliver both of these key ingredients. Optimization and efficiency don’t just start and end with instruments either. We bring a level of experience and a reputation for customer care that is unmatched in the industry. Our testing experts are available to our customers for consultation and planning focused on making your paper mill run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you would like to explore ways in which Technidyne can help to optimize your paper testing process please contact us using our Global Directory.

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