The Economic Benefits of Choosing Technidyne

Would you pay 1¢ to save $5,000?

When it comes to laboratory testing instruments there are lots of factors that influence your choices concerning what to purchase and who to buy it from. Quality, reputation, customer support, preventative maintenance, calibration programs, flexibility and more. Technidyne has a reputation for rising above the competitive field in the areas I just listed, but what about the pure economics of choosing Technidyne instruments? If you look at both the cost of the initial purchase of Technidyne instruments and costs over the life of the product you buy, how does Technidyne compare?

Well, we’ve done some research and have found that Technidyne instruments are very comparably priced when compared to competitors’ products. When we compete for business we find that we are generally at the same price point or a lower cost than others.

The cost of ownership over time is lower, too. This is due to several factors. One is the high quality and incredible durability of the instruments we build. Technidyne manufactures workhorse instruments with incredibly long life-spans. There are many Technidyne instruments that have been in the field still providing many thousands of measurements per year over 30 years after their purchase date. Some of these three-decade marathoners include instruments you’ll recognize like: TAPPI S-4, Micro S-5, TB-1, Micro TB-1C, and BNL-3 opacity.

Another cost saving factor is the service and support you receive from Technidyne. We strongly encourage preventative maintenance on a bi-annual or quarterly basis. Some perceive this to be a cost, but in fact, it’s a real savings. If you consider the many thousands of tests your instrument performs over the course of a year, the cost of PM that can be attributed to each test equals about one cent per test. Now consider the cost of a bad run due to an instrument that has experienced data drift or that is not properly calibrated. The average cost of a bad run due to these factors is around $5,000. Would you spend one cent to save $5,000? That’s quite an insurance policy against a potential disaster!

Economically speaking, Technidyne brings an enormous amount of value to the table. If you add it up, the initial cost of instruments is very competitive, and you are purchasing workhorse instruments that will bring ROI for decades to come. The best service and support in the business lengthens instrument life through calibration, product maintenance and employee training. Technidyne provides a clear choice for your paper mill’s laboratory testing instruments. Link to our website to discover more, or to connect with a Technidyne representative.

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