Versatile Technidyne Instruments Meet the Needs of Various Industries

Technidyne has a long history serving the pulp and paper industry with testing instruments that ensure quality and efficiency in paper mills around the globe. The versatility of our instruments has served this industry well as we often help our customers find solutions to testing challenges that had never been solved in the past.

Now we’re finding that this same versatility allows us to reach into completely new industries that need the reliability and assurance only Technidyne can provide. The Flexible Packaging Industry is embracing Technidyne testing instruments across a wide variety of applications including electronics, medical equipment, grocery sacks and food packaging, pharmaceuticals, the auto industry and more.

When we think of flexible packaging we have learned that there is much more to this industry than what one might imagine. There are applications of these materials to be used in the electronics industry for screen applications in TV's, computers, and other devices. In these cases, the cost to produce this material can be very high. A single roll may be worth tens of thousands of dollars. During manufacturing, if these products are off spec the producer may have to scrap the material, and in many cases, it cannot be extruded again. It may have to be chopped-up to be used it in some other application that may return pennies on their investment.

This is just one example of the many applications. There are other applications for packaging of medical equipment that might need to be sterilized after packaging. There are materials used in the auto industry for lights, lens housings, and other parts might not be easily seen as having been made from flexible materials at the beginning stages but must be tested to maintain quality and to avoid waste.

Technidyne instruments are equipped to provide necessary testing across a wide array of applications and properties. Required testing may include optical properties such as Opacity, Gloss, Haze, and in some cases Color if printing on substrates.

Technidyne instruments are also measuring physical attributes such as caliper, stretch, leak testing, flex testing, shrink testing, heat seal, surface friction, and roll hardness with respect to baggy lanes / profile crowning / etcetera. There other tests that may provide opportunities for expansion such as water vapor transmission, oxygen transmission, other gases as well. These deal with how well a substrate might protect or be able to be sterilized once packaged.

Versatility in our instruments, engineering and outlook have always been pillars of Technidyne’s success. We’re excited about the new opportunities the Flexible Packaging Industry presents and we’re ready to deliver the same service and excellence that we have provided to other industries for many years.

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