Bursting Strength Calibration Verification Foils (BUXUFP/BUXFB)

Order Type of "Single Set" represents a single Calibration Kit which is a one time shipment. If you order a Quarterly subscription you are prepaying for 4 shipments per year, if a Monthly subscription you are prepaying shipping for 12 shipments per year.


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Kit Includes:

  • 3 Sets of Verification Foils (*Low, Medium and High ranges)
  • Calibration data sheet
  • Calibration Standards Traceability form
  • Calibration Verification form


Compatible with:
PROFILE/Plus® Burst

Other Burst Measurement Instruments (Contact us to verify)


Primary Corresponding Industry Standards


ISO 2758

ISO 2759

*Paper Ranges: Low = 15 psi; Med = 46 psi; High = 118 psi 

*Board Ranges: Low = 80 psi; Med = 145 psi; High = 225 psi 


Please Contact Us to inquire about other ranges that are available.

Bursting Strength Calibration Verification Foils - (BUXUFP/BUXUFB)