PROFILE/Plus® Formation

Automated paper formation testing


The visual appearance of paper has for many years been the first indication to the paper maker and the consumer alike of the relative quality of the product.

If only there was a way to not only ensure the best formation every time, but also to quantify differences in formation over different scales. This is the concept behind the PROFILE/Plus® Formation instrument. It uses technology that has been developed to give a clearer picture of paper formation. These 10 scales of formation give a much truer indication of paper formation than most single number testers.

  • New technique partitions formation into different scales.

  • Gives a better understanding of how formation quality affects sheet properties.

  • Provides more in-depth information than conventional optical formation techniques.

  • Easily compares results to a ‘production standard’ or to ‘perfect paper’.

  • More reliable and consistent than visual assessment.