ACA AX-100

Runnability analyzers for coating colors and pigment slurries

Real coating conditions

Coating colors are rheologically complex materials. Their viscosity is strongly dependent on shear rate. Modern highspeed coaters generate shear rates > 500 000 1/s

ACA AX-100 measures viscosity at shear rates up to 1 000 000 1/s whereas low shear rheograms that are commonly used in the industry demonstrate only low shear viscosity portion and can be extremely misleading when it comes to the prediction of coating performance or runnability on high speed coaters.

Quick and easy tool

ACA AX-100 is very user friendly and one measurement takes less than 1 minute.

It is used for solving root causes of common coating problems like  poor coating runnability, coating defects or web brakes at coater. Also it can be used for coating raw material quality control.

New coating recipes like water based barried coatings (WBBC) are very challenging in terms of runnability. ACA AX-100 provides valuable data for coating development before full scale trials.

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