PDA Penetration Dynamics

Penetration dynamics analyzer Emtec PDA.C 02

Ultrasonic Tester for the Determination of Paper/Board Properties via Measuring the Wetting Behavior and Absorption of Liquids. PDA provides the measurement of surface and internal properties of paper & board in order to predict the behavior in the converting process.


Main applications


Main applications:

  • Impregnating process of decor paper: impregnating resin absorption by decor papers



  • Effect of surface sizing and porosity on penetration of fountain solution or oil in the offset process



  • Effect of surface sizing and porosity on the glueability

Coating process:

  • Surface sizing and surface porosity of coating base paper surfaces

  • Quality of coated paper(Latex filming, porosity, thickness of coating layer)

  • Use of test and process liquids of low to medium viscosity:

           - impregnating resins

           - water

           - oil

           - fountain solution


  • Intensity-Time-Graph, automatically calculated values

Main user:

  • Producers of paper/board, converting industry, chemical suppliers, machine builders