Techpap Orisurf

Techpap Orisurf - Fiber Orientation Analyzer


The Orisurf offers a rapid measurement of fiber orientation on paper surface, without prior sample preparation.

  • The fiber orientation measurement is performed simultaneously on both sides of the paper and at the same location front to back. The measurement size is 1 cm². This type of measurement allows the study and characterization of the twosidedness of fiber orientation.

  • It is also possible to make profile measurements across a CD with variable spacing between successive measurements.

  • The Orisurf is a perfect diagnostic tool to aid in identifying and classifying curl and flatness defects as well as for dimensional stability control and study.


The ORISURF sensor is designed with two integral measuring heads including a lighting system and a video camera each for simultaneous top and bottom measurements. The measuring units are positioned on both sides of the sample table so that when a sample is positioned on the measurement surface both sides are measured in exactly the same location and in the same camera orientation. A sheet feeder system with adjustable measurement intervals and end of paper sensor is included to make it simple to perform profile measurements. The measurement process and feeder are both controlled by a computer which processes the images, carries out calculations and displays the results in an easy to read graphical interface. The recorded results can be saved of exported to any format.


  • Any type of uncoated papers including; copy papers, base papers prior to coating, multiply board, etc.

  • Identification of curl problem origins, paper machine adjustment optimization to reduce the twosidedness of fiber orientation and paper curl.

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Designed to be in exact compliance with ISO Optical Standards, the PROFILE/Plus®

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