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Our formula adds up every time
The best evaluation instruments + Proper control
= The most optimized process for your bottom line.

TEST/Plus® provides the formula necessary to ensure you optimize your bottom line. It gives you the ability to properly evaluate your process in order to control runs efficiently and effectively. This means faster change-overs and less waste as a result of having an optimized process.


When you’re budgeting to add efficiency to process control, make sure you consider the ROI provided by the TEST/Plus® system. TEST/Plus® saves time and money over and over again with instruments that add up to an optimized process every time.


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The TEST/Plus® APPs

At the core of the TEST/Plus®  Thickness are a series of specially developed APPS that allow for complete control of your data and how you interface with the instrument and your operation.


Print App for hard copy of the data

Averaging and Statistics App for statistical analysis


Export App for getting the data to the DCS

Database App for managing data on the instrument