The Technidyne video libraries are here to help you discover more about our instruments and to support maintenance needs over time. Please check out our PaperTrainTM program below, or select a category of interest.

Technidyne offers eLearning videos on how to use industry equipment, calibrate to industry standards, and much more! Check out the demo below to see what type of content a subscription will give you access to. Use the link below to sign up for our yearly membership to have access to our complete library of demos and tutorials.  Current content consist of:

  • 5 video series on Brightness

  • 4 video series on Optical Brighteners

  • 4 video series on Opacity

  • 3 video series on Gloss

  • 7 video series on Roughness

  • 8 video series on Porosity

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PaperTrain Preview

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